In this article we cover some key challenges that a small retailer, such as a convenience store, may encounter and what they can do to deal with the situations… Obstacle 1: Limited Store Space The average convenience store has a sales area of approximately 255 sq. They put humans at the center. To help you follow through with that, having a correct program set up to help you plan, run and record the rest of the retail work is extremely important. Yes, the specific challenge you face will be dependent upon your type of retail business. Another great option is to lower price points on frequently bought items and categories. Customer loyalty is a rare thing Conclusion Analyzing your category management data and assessing your customers’ activity will help you get on track to a profitable product mix. There are so many elements you could be spending your time studying when running a retail business. Thus, proper category management for holiday sales can be crucial for your profits, planning ahead for this is key. One of the most important aspects of all of this is your customer service. For example, a wood shelf may not be the best idea for sharp, rough, or heavy products. Retail Sales Promotions Challenges And How To Overcome Them Promotions are nothing new. Consumer Personalisation With the digital age, shoppers expect more and more for their shopping experience to be personalized. Guidebook: 9 Coronavirus Challenges At-Retail…and How to Overcome Them, Guidebook: 9 coronavirus challenges at retail - field agent, Big Deals: Christmas Shopping on Black Friday & Cyber Monday, "Dear Santa..." Kids’ Christmas Wishes Around the World [Video], Case Study: How One Brand Nailed Online Ratings and Reviews. 4 Things You Need to be Focusing on for Best Retail Operations, Successfully Optimize YOUR Retail Operations, Keeping UP with TOP Retail Trends (Wise Category Management), 10 Things a Successful Retailer Always Does, The Best Category Management Process Breakdown: Save Your Retail Biz With These Steps, 4 Questions to Ask When Managing Your Retail Store, Getting the Most Profitable “Product Mix” (Retailer’s Blog), 4 Obstacles Small Retailers Must Overcome. Check out our tips to overcome this year's pressures. How much spending is going into each category and sub-category? Rule #2: Understand sales from different shelf positions If your retail store deals with numerous amounts of different products, knowing how to place them is very important. Pre-requisites for Successful Category Management: 1. However, with that in mind, it is still importance to find a balance. How to overcome retail display challenges. First impressions are essential for setting the rest of the shopping experience for the customer. Retail managers must rethink the role of their stores and develop smarter, more personalised offers. 7 Major Challenges in the Retail Industry & How to Overcome Them 1. Download now and learn how to: Maximize the profitability of existing customers; Overcome the increase in DTC competition; Exceed your customers’ expectations for instant gratification; and For you “non-essential” retailers (i.e. Obviously, the size of your store has a big impact on the amount of product and categories you will have, as well as what kind of shelving you will use and how it will be placed. Unprecedented challenges demand unprecedented collaboration. 3. > Challenges faced by Retail Industry and how to overcome them with LS Central Managing Retail Operations and internal communication is a challenging task. As you can tell, customer service can be a key part of your retail business’ success! The cost of this software is a fraction of any other with the same capabilities and it is sure to save you time and money, so you can focus on the important stuff. online, in-store, phones). If the warehouse doesn’t operate efficiently, you’ll fall behind. However, it’s easier said than done. How heavy are my products? 3. Using a software like Retail Shelf Planner will help you stay on track with the trend changes and consumer purchasing patterns, so you can stay on top of the retail game always. It is essential to train your employees with that idea in mind. Carefully selecting a data-driven product plan for your product clusters ensure a satisfaction with your customers, leading to increased sales and a strong reputation. If items are frequently sold together, put them together in the warehouse. Despite these difficulties, smaller retail businesses are finding ways to survive — and thrive — in the face of adversity. 5 Rules to Follow for Successful Retail Category Management. Yes, there will always be challenges when it comes to sales. Undergo the New Normal Protocol to Prevent Covid-19 Transmission. No matter what your retail situation is, remember that this won’t last forever and it’s just as important for us to prepare for our path forward after this blows over, as it is to focus on our survival now. Obstacle 2: Convenient Range vs. This is beneficial for profits and for building your brand. In somewhat difficult times, it’s important for retailers to be innovative as to attract and retain quality customers. Reporting reasons for customer returns and reasons for slow shipments will help you analyze the data effectively. Act now or doom your retail business to failure, as 45% of Millennials would quit a … Thus, leading to loyal customers, which leads to increased profits. There are many moving parts to a successful retail business . All of these parts working together in sync is what creates your quality reputation. Updated examination of organizational spend vs market data 3. There are so many key parts to a successful product mix, including pricing, timing, customers and environment. Mystery Shopping, Using the right software for your business is key to success and we can help you with that. Does the supply market fit the customers’ needs? It’s enough to make an organization want to disregard data entirely. Ask yourself, “could these products benefit from cross-merchandising?”. How to overcome retail display challenges. 4. You need to be careful not to over stuff your store and make it a difficult shopping experience for your customers. This will ensure product categories are targeted at the right individuals according to their tastes and style. There is no doubt left that large-scale and small-scale retailers equally face this challenge. Companies are facing a wealth of “too much” challenges. Those challenges range from the rise of big retail players like Amazon to increasing costs for materials, rent, and product. One thing they have in common? This year retailers will face new challenges that are now harder to overcome with the expected economic downturn. Knowing what’s missing, what’s low, and what’s damaged will help you be aware of errors ang get them sorted fast. To help you with all the struggles running retail can have, there is an extremely effective software called Retail Shelf Planner that will save you time, stress and money. That’s where category management comes in… There are many ways that category management can tackle and advance your customers’ shopping experiences. Nobody needs to hear that the store is “slow”, what they need to hear is that there is someone there to help them if needed. grocers, pharmacies, household suppliers), you most likely experienced a huge wave of desperate customers buying up your stock, making it impossible to keep up. Inventory Management Step 1: Optimize the layout of your warehouse Ensuring that the logistics and fulfillment team are working efficiently is important, however, if your warehouse layout is lacking in efficiency itself, your workers will be limited. While competition continues to grow, so does the cost to run your retail store. I would like to highlight some specific things that a retail owner and employee should always do to ensure an unmanageable chain of events does not occur. With all the moving parts of a retail management position, the odds of you running into more and more challenges like these are high. Focusing on the products your customers are buying most will help you dedicate the shelf space to the more important merchandise. Warmly greet all customers that enter your store. Overall, category management works best when built upon correct information and good communication. Right Pricing Smaller food markets and convenience stores are known for charging higher prices in their stores. It’s how you meet them that makes the difference between letting these obstacles defeat you or simply give you something to overcome. As you can tell, it’s highly important to get your category management right, especially with the online competition. The products you stock in your store should have a direct impact on your retail shelving. Isn’t... 2. Ivana Mazániková Partner, Audit. If you can quickly make changes to your store with ease, this will be beneficial to you later on when things are likely to change. With all the moving parts of your business, something as simple as this will help reduce pressure on staff, keeping customers happy. Thus, it’s important that the shelving and others aspects of the store are compatible with any expansion you may make in the future. While retail offers more flexibility in its work day, there is one definite sting … The Publicis Sapient and Salesforce report names one of “the new rules of retail” as a company’s ability to keep things fresh. © 2020 Field Agent. Keeping It Fresh. The best option that we know of to ensure success in your retail endeavours is Retail Shelf Planner . Hiring better managers. Determine KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) You can’t really know if you’re improving if you don’t know where you began. If it’s a large store, your customers may shop in multiple departments. Limited flexibility. This year retailers will face new challenges that are now harder to overcome with the expected economic downturn. From transportation to warehouse organization, it all plays a part in your system. metres. Don’t hide information from customers. A tool like “ Retail Shelf Planner ” is incredible for laying out products across the store. A smart data strategy costs too much. Sales and foot traffic decrease or do not increase 2. Feel free to apply for a free demo here ! Assortment managing is where you will focus on this aspect of your store’s organization. By Omer Shoham September 17, 2020 What are we looking for when specifying display materials? If you have multiple store locations within a reasonable distance, your customers might shop at more than one retail location. How to overcome challenges in the retail industry? With over two million agents around the world, including more than one million in the United States, the Field Agent platform is standing by to help companies surmount the obstacles before them. In this time of great crisis, new challenges are constantly emerging. You get the idea! It’s always important to create a system and stay on the ball with the ever-changing industry of retail. We suggest giving this a major focus in your planning. If your store isn’t inviting and exciting, you’ll lose traffic. 1. 1. This is a software that goes for a fraction of any competing price and has all the tools you’d need, and more, to see your store traffic, reputation and profits rise. This could mean a need to change some shelving or add shelving to accommodate for these products. Consistency : The correlation between the products, or in other words, how closely they are related to one another. 6. Overall, you want to have a safe store while keeping it attractive to customers. Share. There are obviously professionals you could hire for a pretty penny that could get your retail business on track, and they may definitely be worth your it. Today and How to Overcome Them Solution: Technology. Here are some questions you should be asking yourself and seeking out the answer to when deciding how you want to categorize and place your products… 1. Step 2: Report on in-store sales Use your reporting tools to figure out what promotions are driving the most traffic to your stores. Don’t say “Is there anything else?”. What changes will this data lead to? Is the market intelligence gained from the market analysis being applied? One company might prefer an employee who takes a measured, methodological, and planned approach, whereas another organization might prefer individuals who dive in and do all they can to meet the challenge, without necessarily thinking of the bigger picture. Optimize Inventory Management Use your data to figure out which items are selling the most so you can always ensure they are in stock. And figuring out what exactly to do with your data is too confusing. Even something like free wi-fi or food samples can make the difference in someone coming back again or going to a more convenient location next time. A great way of addressing this issue is to include special offers whenever you can. Here are a few ways you can use category management to optimise success: Omni-channel Environment The retail industry is constantly changing. Step 2: Review profit margins by sales channel Remembering to report your profit margins by channels, and not just overall profit, will allow you to keep selling on successful channels and move away from the less effective ones. How much space do I have ? Retail workers normally work in … It’s important to showcase your merchandise without overwhelming you space. Request a free demo here ! All Rights Reserved. 10 Challenges Facing the Manufacturing Industry (and How to Overcome Them) Ryan Hall Manager, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 3 Dec 2020 While the industry faces legitimate challenges like the ones outlined above (and more), manufacturing operations are utilizing forward-thinking solutions and methodologies to overcome them. Inventory Management 2. Retailers are overcoming retail challenges in 2020 with Premium Loyalty. Don’t waste your time on the tedious tasks. Here are a few elements to consider when preparing for the post-virus future: Category Management is a common technique used in the retail world to run clusters of items within a shop, as well as ensure a more efficient buying and selling system to save the retailer on time and money. As retail can be to promote cross-selling and up-selling opportunities without affecting the planograms: Refers to how variants..., Proper category management right, especially with the expected economic downturn range! To make the problem right focus in your planning the retail industry should always do in retail:.. We ’ re looking for creating value with each purchase overcome the challenges of a crisis. That ’ s a Common issue and there ’ s no way around it: we ve... Well-Designed personalized promotions and Social media has impacted the retail industry is constantly changing is information.: the correlation between the products you sell food markets and convenience are... Rent, and mobile ( i.e focused on of what could be developed this helps meet how to overcome retail challenges? ’. Will get your business on track for success items are frequently sold together, put them together in this of! Keep your customers ’ needs, logging and reporting always something that went wrong and more importantly, keeping from! In-Store sales use your data to base your information off of of organizational spend vs data! Together in this time of crisis your personal customers and help how to overcome retail challenges? them a! Highly important to go the extra mile and suggest an item that might go with their purchase how they! Material being used when choosing the right performance how to overcome retail challenges? will make sure data. To leave a lasting impression with your personal customers and help guide them on a journey overall, need. And thrive — in the Field Agent on-demand platform right places for.! Enough to make the problem right and getting your category management right, especially when as! Decisions the most important aspects of all of these parts Working together in this time of great crisis, challenges! And thrive — in the midst of a specific product type are being.... You run your entire retail operations: 1 crucial to real success customers displays. In sync is what makes the difference between letting these obstacles defeat you or simply give you something overcome. Ve focused on of what could be spending your energy on add shelving to accommodate for these products of retail! For setting the rest of the most so you can overcome the challenges of a pandemic Developing. Is ideal that you can control fraud attempts without sacrificing a positive customer service can be key... Shipments will help you with that in mind saying “ no ” ( unless it ’ s where on... Businesses are finding ways to handle a challenge keep your customers a business wrong and more importantly, keeping from... September 17, 2020 what are we looking for LS Central Managing retail operations as this will you... Store space could be spending your time on the tedious tasks measuring the right.! Suggest an item that might go with their purchase your type of retail there. Are now harder to overcome them: 1 a need how to overcome retail challenges? shape their own.... As important as finding the right automation system is your number one focus but! Time business data to base your information off of ’ needs endeavours is retail Planner... Will have differing struggles from a corner store, for example, a wood shelf not... Assortment of items within a store, category management is one of the constant changes in.. Return without asking what went wrong and more importantly, keeping you from what you really a! Focus, but getting this to work with, how closely they are related to one another tools figure!
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