and sometimes yellow face/head/chin, and the former an olive-yellow back). Size 18 - 20cm Bill Black, short & thin Legs Pink, medium in length Habitat The Grey Wagtail is most closely associated with fast running streams, but can be found near waterfalls, weirs, … We spend 90% of net income on conservation, public education and advocacy, The RSPB is a member of BirdLife International. Binomial name: Motacilla tschutschensis, Johann Friedrich Gmelin, 1789. Grey wagtails are found over most of the UK, with the exception of the Northern and western isles of Scotland. UK breeding is the number of pairs breeding annually. If you can’t get outside, why not bring the outside in by downloading our bird song radio app? Up on Anglesey, the adult Rosy Starling continued to gorge itself on generous offerings at Amlwch Port. Likes fast-flowing rivers in summer their greatest densities are in the hills of England, Scotland and Wales. Their supercilium is also white. New Zealand, Feb/March 2017 2) White Wagtail, 1w alba, probably male, Port-La-Nouvelle, France, 27 Dec 2010 (Peter Adriaens). It is grey above with black wings. Also breeds Xinjiang, in Tianshan and Altai. Bird Id Forum - Latest Bird News: Clean Air Act Saved 1.5 Billion birds. The month's stand-out wader sighting was a Grey Plover on Otmoor over the weekend of 14 - 16th. See our ideas to keep you connected to nature during coronavirus, From our regular emails to your favourite social media, there’s more than one way to keep in touch with nature. As well as a free gift and magazines, you’ll get loads of ideas for activities to try at home. The Pied Wagtail is almost ubiquitous in Britain, while the Grey Wagtail is associated with fast-flowing streams. UK wintering is the number of individuals present from October to March. Race "patriciae" Scarce in central and eastern England in summer and from upland areas in winter. It was often classified as a subspecies of the Western yellow wagtail. When not standing and frantically wagging its tail up and down it can be seen dashing about over lawns or car parks in search of food. Grey wagtails can be seen all year round. In China, nominate breeds northeast China and much of north-central China, west to western Inner Mongolia and south to Sichuan. Tree Pipit Meadow Pipit Rock Pipit Water Pipit Yellow Wagtail Grey Wagtail Pied Wagtail. Juvenile resembles non-breeding adult but browner-tinged above. In winter they can be seen around farmyards and lowland streams, even in city centres. Regarding to the OP Wagtail, it should be noted, that juvenile Yellow Wagtails can have even whiter wingbars thn this bird. Pied Wagtail is a darker, sootier grey on the upperparts (adult males are largely black above), but the important feature of autumn Pied is its extensive dark sooty-grey flanks. Breeding male has all yellow underparts and distinctive black throat and upper breast. Find out more about the nature and wildlife outside your window. Regularly Occurring Species. Following the floods this winter, watch how one area is using nature as a natural protector. Great ideas on how your garden, or even a small backyard or balcony, can become a mini nature reserve. See our toolkit for ways to campaign with us to protect nature and save wildlife. Grey Wagtail Motacilla cinerea, Jiangsu, China, September. Its tail is noticeably longer than those of pied and yellow wagtails. In The Amazon's 'sand Forests,' Birds Play By Different Evolutionary Rules Citrine Wagtail: Wagtail with yellow head and underparts, white vent, black on nape, grey back, black-grey wings with two bars and much white, long black-grey tail with white outer feathers. Photos of Birds of Malaysia. As this individual is (in my opinion) a juvenile bird because of its undeveloped plumage, this would seem to be the most likely candidate subspecies. The species is always associated with running water when breeding, although they may use ma… These bright-coloured summer visitors are declining across much of their range and a frequent mistake is believing that any wagtail showing yellow in its plumage is this species. Both sexes look similar; they have white underparts and black upperparts, throats and backs. All greater coverts and upper two tertials are still juvenile feathers, as evident from their brown centres. (Craig Brelsford) Grey Wagtail, Hainan, China, January. This species breeds in much of temperate Europe and Asia. The Yellow Wagtail has clearly defined wing bars as formed by the pale covert feathers. Pair of Grey Wagtails, the male (top and right) with the stronger yellow chest and rump and the female with a paler lemon yellow; It frequently calls when in its undulating flight and often gathers at dusk to form large roosts in city centres. Moroccan Wagtail. The juvenile Grey Wagtail (above) has no, or very little, yellow on its chest and is easier to confuse with Sound Approach; 03.010.MR.04705.11); 5-6 Grey-headed Wagtail / Noordse Kwikstaart Motacilla thunbergi, Eemshaven, Groningen, 16 Ma y 2003 (Dick Groenendijk) .
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